Today’s blog will be focused on how frequently you should clean various parts of your home. Our cleaning professionals here at Best Clean Ever know how important it is to keep up with your house cleaning. When you let tasks pile up, they can feel overwhelming and impossible to start. That’s also why we offer a one-time deep clean as part of our house cleaning services — to help you get a fresh start if you haven’t had time to keep up with things and you need some help tackling the mess.

Before we begin, we want to let you know that just because you clean regularly doesn’t mean it has to take forever! Most of the tasks we list take only a few minutes, and if you make them a habit you’ll find yourself noticing what needs to be done and tidying up without even noticing that you’re doing it. Cleaning can become part of your daily routine. We also understand that regular cleaning isn’t for everyone though, and that even if you enjoy tidying you might want help with some of the more labor-intensive house cleaning tasks like cleaning the bathroom or mopping the floors in your home. And that’s where Best Clean Ever comes in! We offer top-notch house cleaning services to homeowners in Raleigh. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, reliable, and professional maid service to our clients. Contact us today to learn more!


We’re starting with the bathroom because it’s a room that most people don’t like to spend time cleaning. It’s definitely a chore, even if you put on some loud music. But like many cleaning tasks, it’s not as bad once you get started. Our cleaning company suggests tossing the bathroom rug in the washing machine once a week and washing the shower curtain every month or so to make sure it doesn’t start growing mold or collecting other bacteria.

As to the toilet, the frequency of cleaning depends on how many people are using it. Most families can get by with cleaning the bowl every week or so. You should be wiping down the handle and seat once a day or every other day. We know, that sounds like a lot, but if you keep sanitizing wipes nearby you’ll remember and be able to do it in seconds! The health benefits for everyone are worth the time it takes. Trust us. And if you’d like someone to handle that more thorough, once-a-week cleaning, our cleaning company is happy to do it for you!


The kitchen is the dirtiest room in the house — more so than the bathroom, which many people assume will be the dirtiest! And along with picking up grime, the kitchen is a space you need to be clean in order to keep your family healthy. If you’re someone that cooks regularly, you should be cleaning your kitchen every single day. Wipe down those counters, sanitize the sinks, and run a sponge over the stove top.

If you keep fresh vegetables and fruit in a bowl or on the counter, check to make sure they haven’t gone bad. These tasks should be part of your meal prep, and you should try to keep things organized as you cook to keep the cleaning from feeling overwhelming after you finish your meal. If you live with multiple people — roommates or partners or children — get some help with the kitchen chores! Kids can load a dishwasher or sweep the floor.

The timing of other kitchen chores is more flexible, and big projects like scrubbing out your fridge only need to be done every three to six months or so. Here at Best Clean Ever in Raleigh, we do suggest mopping your kitchen floors every week, as well as cleaning inside the microwave and tossing expired food. These are tasks we can help you with, and if that’s something you’re interested in, you should contact us to learn more about our house cleaning services.

Living Room

Like any house cleaning project, there are things you should do to tidy up the living room every day. Pick up water glasses and coffee mugs, stack the books or magazines on the coffee table, and check for spills. If you’re prone to leaving socks on the floor after your feet got hot while you were curled up under the blanket watching Netflix last night, pick them up and put them in the laundry basket.

In general, if you’re not using your living room as an eating space, it should remain relatively clean and you won’t need to put too much effort into the space beyond regular tidying up. Our Raleigh cleaning professionals do want to remind you to dust, though! It’s something we do regularly as part of our house cleaning services, but something homeowners don’t always remember to do. Letting dust build up on furniture, pictures, and electronic equipment affects your air quality, and it’s especially important to dust regularly if you have someone with asthma living in your home. If you’re looking for house cleaning services like dusting or other living room tasks like vacuuming floors and sofas, get in touch with Best Clean Ever today!


Again, you should do some general tasks every day, or as needed. Sensing a general house cleaning theme here? The best way to keep a tidy house is to make sure that you’re keeping up with it. That’s why we offer regular house cleaning services, and you can schedule them as frequently as you want! Many of our Best Clean Ever clients schedule a house cleaning once a week, and our professional cleaners are efficient. We can be in and out of you home, leaving it sparkling, in an hour or two. And if you schedule your cleaning while you’re at work, you can come home to a clean house without having to lift a finger!

In your bedroom, pick up any clothes you’ve left on the floor. Tuck your slippers under the bed or hang up your bathrobe. Don’t let those clothes pile up in the corner! As for chores that you should do once a week, Best Clean Ever recommends changing and washing your bedding. Many people let this house cleaning chore fall to the wayside. It is important, though, to keep your bedding fresh because dead skin cells and sweat collect in your sheets.

Best Clean Ever House Cleaning Services

We provide professional house cleaning services to the entire Triangle region. Our company takes pride in our high-quality, professional office and house cleaning services, and we provide personalized care for the customers who intrust us with cleaning their spaces. If you’re ready to give yourself peace of mind with regular house cleaning, contact us today in Raleigh and get a free quote!