Many of our first-time customers say that before they began working with Best Clean Ever in Raleigh they thought professional house cleaning services were a luxury. But letting go of the stress of cleaning can be more affordable than you think! We pride ourselves on offering the best price ever for the best clean ever. Contact us today for a free quote.

As a Top Rated LocalⓇ Company with a 97.37 rating score, we know cleaning. We also love sharing our knowledge here on our blog! In today’s post we’ll talk about what to look for in professional cleaners. Continue reading to learn more!

Hiring a Company Vs. An Individual

Finding the right person for office or house cleaning services can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re trying to find an individual cleaner. We believe that going with a professional cleaning company is the way to go because we’ve already been vetted by others in the Raleigh area! Instead of relying on friends or word of mouth to find an individual, you can trust our professional cleaning company.

And while hiring an individual cleaner may be more cost-effective, they can also be less responsive or become overwhelmed with the amount of clients they have. If for some reason your house cleaner doesn’t show up, there’s no one to call and no back up. Because we have a large staff of professionals, there will always be someone there for you!

Bonded And Insured

Any cleaning service that you hire should be bonded and insured to protect you and your home! Best Clean Ever in Raleigh believes that part of being a top-notch professional cleaning service is carrying in liability insurance for the home owners we serve.

We hire honest, conscientious, and trustworthy employees that will keep your belongings safe. But we also know that part of giving you the peace of mind includes having a policy in place in case something gets broken, damaged, or goes missing in your home.

Please also inform us if you have any items that require special care, like a delicate vase or antique cabinet, and we will make sure to give it the attention it deserves!

Equipment and Supplies

Best Clean Ever house cleaning services provide equipment and cleaning supplies, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If for some reason you’re unhappy with our equipment, you’re also welcome to substitute your own. We try to be as gentle and environmentally friendly as possible, while still providing high-quality house cleaning services.

Home Access

Some home owners prefer to be in the house when Best Clean Ever arrives, but others enjoy leaving for work and coming back to clean house. If you’re planning on being out of your home when our employee arrives, you’ll need to determine how we will gain access to your home.

Some of our clients leave a key under the mat and ask the cleaner to leave it inside after they finish up. Others grant access via a keypad. Whatever method you end up choosing, we make sure that both you and your house cleaner are comfortable with the option you choose.


We like to have homeowners introduce their pet to their house cleaner before the first cleaning visit, especially if you won’t be home! Depending on how the introduction goes, you may want to leave your pet in a crate or outside in a safe spot while your house is cleaned.

Can You Get This In Writing?

Of course — and you should! While this may be your first time working with a professional house cleaning service, we’re professionals and we’ve done this a hundred times! When we give you a free quote, we discuss your options and give you as many details as you need.

Having a clear agreement is in the best interests of you and us. We want our working relationship to be as smooth, and for you to be entirely satisfied with the entire process!

Best Clean Ever In Raleigh

We provide professional house cleaning services to the entire Triangle region. Our employees take pride in their work and we provide personalized service to the customers who intrust us with cleaning their home or office. If you’re ready to give your home or office the best clean ever, contact us today and get a free quote!