Here at Best Clean Ever, we are a full-service cleaning company. Whether you’re in need of a one-time deep clean or regular office or house cleaning services, our team of professionals can get the job done right. One of the services we provide our Raleigh community with is carpet cleaning, including bleach spot repair and carpet dyeing. We have the tools and technology to make your carpet look like new. 

We can also spot clean particular areas that may have chemical stains or sun damage. And if you’re looking for a whole new color for your carpet, we can do that too! While carpet cleaning is great for any carpeted area, tenants and landlords utilize this service most often. If you’re moving out of your apartment or preparing an apartment for a new tenant, contact our cleaning company for the very best in carpet and floor cleaning!

Carpet Shampoo & Dry Cleaning

Our cleaning company provides expert carpet cleaning services using a technique called Carpet Dry Cleaning. Unlike carpet cleaning machines you can rent and use on your own, our technique deep cleans your carpet using 90 – 95% less water. 

We mist a small amount of detergent into the carpet fibers and then apply a dry foam compound. This foam contains solvents as well as encapsulators and emulsifiers that absorb the dirt, grease, and grime that has accumulated on your carpet. That foam is then agitated to ensure that every fiber is cleaned. Then, a powerful suction is applied to pull the dirty dry foam compound away from the carpet. 

Not only does this dry clean process clean deep stains, it also dries relatively quickly — within 30 minutes to an hour — which means you can access your home much sooner than if you had used a traditional carpet cleaning method. 

Bleach Spot Repair

Bleach spots or other chemical stains are a common problem in many households, but they can be fixed with our residential cleaning services. Bleach can leave faded spots or white, orange, or yellow stains on your carpet.

Bleach spot repair is also a great option for hotels, landlords, or commercial office spaces and can help keep your carpets looking their best. After all, if you’re trying to attract guests or tenants in Raleigh, proper maintenance of your carpets will increase sale prices and make renters more likely to sign the lease.

Carpet Dyeing

If you have outdated or impractical carpet colors, our cleaning company can create custom colors to give you a stunning new look. Carpet dyeing can also be used for areas of carpet that have faded due to sun exposure or chemical spills. 

Matching the color to the area of your carpet that hasn’t been damaged is an intricate process. While most of the industry uses color cue cards to identify and match the color, here at Best Clean Ever, we have an app that makes sure you get the perfect match every single time. 

Not only can we fix bleach spots and color-correct other stains, we can make sure that the entire carpet has the exact color you’re looking for!

Other Floor Cleaning Services – Floor Tile And Grout

Along with extensive carpet cleaning services, our cleaning company also offers floor tile and grout restoration. Like everything we do here at Best Clean Ever, our goal is to make what we clean look like new!

We will remove all of the dirt, grease, and grime that has accumulated in the grout lines of your tile and bring back the look of your flooring. We use gentle cleaning detergents that will not damage your tile and bring the floor back to life. When homeowners try to clean their own tile and grout, they can often scrub too aggressively or use a damaging cleaner that can harm the surface. Harsh chemicals like bleach can break down grout and sealants, leaving your floor vulnerable. It’s one of the many reasons why you should trust cleaning to the professionals, like our Raleigh cleaning company.

Right now, we only provide these tile and grout cleaning services for hard surface floors, not other tiled services like countertops, backsplashes, or showers. Take advantage of these cleaning services if you’re a renter, landlord, or if you’re just looking for residential cleaning services that go above and beyond!

Best Clean Ever – Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Our cleaning company is practicing safe cleaning practices during the coronavirus pandemic, and we are continuing to provide our clients with highest quality cleaning services, including carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning. Whether you’d like to incorporate carpet cleaning into your regular office or house cleaning services or you’re looking for a one-time deep cleaning, we can get the job done! Learn more about our house cleaning services, and if you’re ready to hire the Top Rated Local® Raleigh House Cleaning & Maid Service company, contact us today!