With the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is more aware than ever of the importance of good hygiene — like washing your hands regularly. Our Raleigh cleaning company knows the importance of cleanliness, from your home, office, all the way down to your hands.

No matter how clean your home is and how often you take advantage of our house cleaning services, you still need to clean your hands regularly! In today’s blog post the Best Clean Ever cleaning professionals will be sharing some information about the importance of handwashing. Continue reading to learn more and if you’d like to take advantage of our house cleaning services, contact us today!

Why Is Handwashing Important?

Germs are everywhere! From the keyboard you type on for work to the doorknob you use to enter your house, your touching germs every single day. It’s impossible to keep completely clean of germs, and most germs aren’t harmful, they’re just part of our life. However, it’s important to wash your hands to protect yourself from viruses and germs that can harm you. When you touch surfaces and then touch your face or rub your eyes or eat food, those germs can enter your body, potentially making you sick.

Regular hand washing can stave off illness, protecting you and everyone else you interact with. Along with protecting you from COVID-19, proper handwashing can also protect you from respiratory infections like pneumonia and various gastric infections that cause diarrhea. Remember, you can pass on germs to others, even if you are not sick. This can be especially dangerous for those with weakened immune systems and children.

The Best Way to Wash Your Hands

When washing your hands, be sure to use soap. The soap doesn’t have to be antibacterial — that’s primarily used in healthcare settings — and regular soap and water can be effective.

Did you know that water doesn’t have to be hot to be effective at killing germs? Simply use a water temperature that is comfortable to you. Then apply the soap you like. The important part of handwashing is making sure that you are washing for long enough and getting all of the parts of your hands and wrists. Don’t forget about the fingernails and between your fingers! Then, rinse and dry thoroughly.

If you’re washing your hands in a public bathroom, use a paper towel to turn off the faucet and to open the door when exiting.

Best Clean Ever House Cleaning Services

Our cleaning company is doing its very best to keep our employees and our Raleigh community safe during this difficult time. We hope that you’ve found these hand washing tips to be useful, and that you can incorporate them into life both during this pandemic and in the future.

If you find house cleaning overwhelming or would simply like to use the time you spend cleaning differently, our cleaning company can help. Learn more about our house cleaning services, and if you’re ready to hire the Top Rated Local Raleigh House Cleaning & Maid Service company, contact us today!