teach your kids to clean best clean ever raleigh

Kids are messy, there’s no doubt about that. This is true from the moment they are born up until the day they move out (and then move back in, but we’ll ignore that for now). As a parent, this was part of the parenting job description when you decided to have children (amazing how you forget these things when you’re pregnant). Thus, you have relegated yourself to having a not-so-clean-house. But do you have to?

Best Clean Ever is the best cleaning company in Raleigh, offering house cleaning and office cleaning services. We also offer carpet cleaning and power washing as well. Below, we’ll offer up some more tips on how to clean when you have kids so that you can have a clean home after all. Contact us today for a free cleaning quote!


Set the Example

As parents, our children not only idolize us, but they watch us like a hawk as well. They do what we do, and they say what we say (so watch your language!). This is how they learn about the world around us. Even teenagers who will deny it do what you do. Thus, if you want a clean house, you yourself have to set an example. You have to put your clothes in the laundry basket, pick up your plates after dinner, put your things away when you get home from work, and put your car keys and shoes in the same place so you don’t lose them. If you are unorganized, your kids will be as well. Teach them by showing them. Best Clean Ever in Raleigh notes that this is actually less work than any other method.

Be Explicit

As a parent, you learn that kids have to be told every little thing because they don’t know like you do. This can be hard to remember when you’re angry because your kitchen is a disaster. You have to tell them specifically what you need done. For example, if you tell your kids to go and clean their room, odds are, they will have no idea where to begin. However, if you tell your kids to pick up all of their toys in their room and put it in the toy box, they know exactly how to do that. You also have to give only one direction at a time to your little ones (this applies to your older kids as well who are keenly adept at tuning you out). Thus, say “I need you to put your shoes in the closet,” instead of saying “Can you put your shoes in the closet, feed the dogs, hang up your coat, and put up your backpack?” Your kids will inevitably miss at least one of those instructions you just gave.


Best Clean Ever in Raleigh is a family-owned and operated business that fully understands what it’s like to clean with kids in the home. We hope that these tips have helped you keep a cleaner house. In case you need a professional cleaner, we offer office cleaning and house cleaning throughout the Triangle area. From cleaning your kitchen and bathroom of your home to cleaning the common areas and bathrooms of your office, our cleaning services are top-notch, ensuring when we leave, your home or office is clean, and you are completely satisfied.

If you need help with a one-time clean, or you wish to get on our regular house cleaning service schedule, then call us today for a free cleaning quote!