As part of our blog series on spring cleaning tips, our Raleigh cleaning company is sharing a few general and sometimes overlooked tips for deep cleaning. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’d rather leave the deep cleaning to the pros, contact Best Clean Ever today. We’d love to give you a fresh start! 

Clean Room By Room

If you’ve read Marie Kondo’s magic of tidying up, you may have heard that you should gather all of one type of material, from all rooms. But if you’re not ready to go that far, going room by room is a great way to make deep cleaning more manageable. Make sure to focus on the parts of the home that you’ve neglected through the year, like closets or ceiling fans. 

Keep Cleaning Products To A Minimum

Tackling a big project like a spring deep clean may make you feel like you need to stock up on special cleaning products. Resist the urge to buy a pile of products. All you need are the basics, like a good all-purpose cleaner, microfiber cloths, a window cleaner, and a broom or mop. 

Establish New Habits

A thorough deep clean is a reset, and it’s also a great way to establish new cleaning habits to take with you through the year. As you clean, you’ll probably notice areas you neglect or chores that could have been done more frequently and saved you the time you’re spending deep cleaning. Simple 10-15 minute tasks done each day or every few days can make it easy to keep your house clean and tidy. Hiring regular house cleaning services is a great way to keep up with cleaning when you don’t have the time or would rather be doing something else.


Windows are an essential part of a deep clean, since they’re not something that gets cleaned often, but makes a big difference when they are spotless. Our cleaning company’s tip for window cleaning: wait until an overcast day and start on the shady side of the house. Direct sun can make it difficult to see if you’ve fully cleaned the window, which leads to streaks. Make sure you’re using a glass cleaner (an all-purpose cleaner won’t get the job done right) and a microfiber cloth. And don’t forget about blinds and shades! Dust, vacuum, or whip with a damp cloth. 

Get Everyone Involved

With a deep clean, it’s best to divide and conquer. Even the most unwilling (or youngest) member of your cleaning team can make a big difference, and spring cleaning is a great time to get everyone working together. Plus, it’s also a great way to make sure those new habits you’re building are used by everyone. 

Best Clean Ever – Raleigh House Cleaning Services

We hope you found these general spring cleaning tips helpful! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by cleaning your home, know that Best Clean Ever is here to help. Hiring a professional cleaning company for house cleaning services isn’t a “luxury.” We clean homes for people of all walks of life, from teachers to servers, to doctors, people who work from home, single parents, and more! If you’re ready to schedule house cleaning services, contact us today.