No matter how tidy you are, if you’ve lived in a place for a long time the dirt and dust builds up! Plus, there are some places that are very difficult to reach, or require equipment that the average homeowner simply doesn’t have. If you’re feeling like you need a fresh start, a one-time deep clean may be just the thing you need. Our professional cleaning team will scrub every nook and corner until your home sparkles. One-time deep cleaning is also a great option for landlords and tenants who need the space to be clean before the next person moves in. Contact Best Clean Ever in Raleigh and find out what we can do for you!

What’s the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning?

Regular cleaning consists of those day-to-day or weekly cleaning tasks that are required to keep your space tidy. Think doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, cleaning the bathroom, or wiping down counters in the kitchen. While these are all tasks that our cleaning company can perform for you, they fall under general house cleaning services, not deep cleaning.

One-time cleaning is different than regular cleaning because it involves cleaning areas that you don’t get to normally, such as moldings, baseboards, and blinds. If you’re a landlord or a tenant moving out of an apartment, a deep clean is a great way to prepare the home for the next occupant. Because a deep cleaning is more extensive, it does take more time and costs more than a regular house cleaning. However, it’s worth the investment because professional cleaners know how to make sure no surface goes untouched!

One-Time/Deep Cleaning includes the items listed below:


  • Cabinets, Exterior Fronts wiped down
  • Cabinets, Interior (upon request only)
  • Appliances, exterior cleaned
  • Microwave Exterior/Interior cleaned
  • Countertops and back splashes cleaned and wiped down
  • Stove Top/Drip Pans, cleaned
  • Sink/Faucet cleaned and scrubbed
  • Floors vacuumed and/or mopped
  • Wastebaskets Emptied (must provide liners)
  • ALL Baseboards/Moldings/Wood Work wiped down
  • Refrigerator and oven cleaned inside upon requesT


  • Doors/Door Frames wiped down
  • Ceiling Fans/Light Fixtures/Plates, dusted and cleaned (within a 2-step ladder reach)
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Blinds dusted/wiped down
  • Window Sills cleaned and wiped down
  • Furniture dusted
  • ALL Baseboards/Moldings/Wood Work wiped down
  • Wastebaskets Emptied (must provide liners)
  • Floors vacuumed and/or mopped


  • Vanity Cabinets, Exterior wiped down
  • Vanity Cabinets, Interior (upon request only)
  • Vanity Counters cleaned
  • Shower Tub, Tiled Walls, Floor, Tile and Doors cleaned and wiped down
  • Sink/Fixtures cleaned
  • Items on Counters dusted & straightened
  • Light Switch Plates cleaned and wiped down
  • Toilets Scrubbed
  • Floors Mopped
  • ALL Baseboards/Moldings/Wood Work wiped down
  • Wastebaskets Emptied
It is presumed that the home will be in order and 
somewhat picked up to facilitate cleaning the areas described above.

Best Clean Ever in Raleigh

We provide one-time deep cleaning services to the entire Triangle region. We take pride in our high-quality, professional, and personalized service. If you’re in need of a fresh, clean start, contact us today and get a free quote!