EPA Disinfectant

Get A Clean, Safe Home With Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

Our cleaning company is now using hospital-grade disinfectant to clean homes, wich kills many common and dangerous viruses.Contact us today to schedule house cleaning services or to learn more about our cleaning process.


  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Flat surface (tables)
  • Appliance handles
  • Faucets

Cleaning Services With EPA Registered Disinfectant

Best Clean Ever is here for our Raliegh community during this time of crisis. We understand the importance of keeping a clean home, and that’s why we are currently using hospital-grade cleaners that kill most viruses.

We are currently providing house cleaning services to all who need it, including those experiencing coronavirus symptoms. Our employees will be taking safety precautions as outlined by the CDC, wearing gloves, staying six feet away from other people when possible, and wearing masks.

Best Clean Ever is committed to going above and beyond for our clients and our Raliegh community, and that holds true during this time of crisis. We are here for you — please contact us today if you are in need of our house cleaning services.

Our Best Cleaning Practices For Viruses


Not all cleaning products are equal, but we also understand that the average homeowner does not have access to the hospital-grade disinfectant that our cleaning company is using. However, there are cleaning products that you can use at home. A good cleaning product go-to is bleach, which is cheap and widely available, unlike other products, like Clorox wipes. Be sure to dilute it with water and never mix bleach with other cleaning products.


You should be disinfecting surfaces that are regularly touched daily. A spray with a good cleaning product and a vigorous wipe is all you need, but be sure to get all the way around the surface that you are cleaning. We recommend wearing gloves — which all our cleaning professionals do — but if you don’t have any, simply wash your hands before and after.

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Our Working Experts

Best Clean Ever provides premier cleaning services to homes and offices across the entire Triangle area. Our cleaning teams provide a delightful cleaning experience with a positive attitude and they all take great pride in their work.